After installing the Windows 10 operating system, the question arises whether you need to buy a license and activate it. Given the cost of a license for quite a few users, this is a tricky question. As practice shows, the non-activated version is quite functional, and at first only a message in the lower right corner of the computer or laptop desktop reminds you that you need to buy a license. However, a considerable number of users still lack certain features that are available only in activated versions of the Windows 10 operating system.

It should be noted that regular updates are not available for non-activated Windows 10 operating systems. Meanwhile, such updates provide important changes, including fixing all sorts of errors and shortcomings. In addition, thanks to such updates, the security of the computer will be maintained at the appropriate level in all respects.

Thus, there are good arguments in favor of buying a license for Windows 10. Often there are promotions and discounts, so you can look for such offers with licenses (activation keys), which will save you a lot of money. We add that today there is an opportunity to pay for a Windows 10 license in any convenient way!