How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10?

You can name a lot of reasons in order to turn off the antivirus Defender in Windows 10 on your computer or laptop forever. In fact, despite the fact that it is difficult for many users, it is difficult to cope with this task if you perform the actions described further in the article.

How to disable Microsoft Defender anti-virus using Group Policy?

Initially, it should be said that several ways have been found – how to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 forever, and not until the next reboot, on a personal computer or laptop with the declared operating system installed. One such way is to disable Windows Defender using Group Policy. The whole process has two parts: disabling tamper protection and disabling Microsoft Defender Antivirus.
In the first part, we do the following:

1. We go to “Start”, go to the “Windows Security” section and open it

2. Switch in the left panel to “Virus and threat protection”, and in the right panel in the “Virus and threat protection settings” section, click “Manage settings”

3. Here the switch “Protection against unauthorized access” is set to the “Off” position

Now let’s move on to the second part of solving the problem. In order to permanently disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10, run:

1. Open “Start” on the taskbar, find “Service Windows” and there “Run”

2. In the “Run” window, enter the command gpedit.msc

3. We get into the “Local Group Policy Editor”, here in the left panel we follow the path: “Computer Configuration” > “Administrative Templates” > “Windows Components” > “Microsoft Defender Antivirus Program”

4. In the right panel twice click on “Disable the antivirus program of Microsoft Defender”

5. In the window that appears, activate the “Enabled” option, which will permanently disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10

6. Now be sure to click: “Apply” and “OK”, after that you need to restart your computer or laptop and Microsoft Defender will not work.

It is important to realize that disabling Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 leaves your computer unprotected forever, so you need to install another antivirus instead!