How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 11?

To date, quite a few users of computers with Windows 11 installed have already made sure that the Microsoft Defender antivirus offered by the developers of this operating system is definitely not the best protection against viruses and security according to various criteria. Based on this, the desire to disable Defender in Windows 11 and use a different antivirus is quite justified.

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Disable Windows Defender by Changing the Registry

Without exaggeration, a considerable number of users have tried to disable Defender in Windows 11 in the standard way, but in practice this does not give the desired result, since the creators of the operating system took care of this. However, there are several options for solving such a problem, and one of them is disabling Microsoft Defender by changing the registry:

1) Through the “Start” you need to go to “Settings”

2) We find “Privacy and Security” then select “Windows Security” and here – “Protection against viruses and threats”

3) In the “Virus and threat protection” section, click “Manage settings” for further changes


4) We move down the list and select the parameter “Protection from unauthorized access” – switch to the “OFF” position

5) Confirm the change, click “YES”, and close the window

Now, before editing the registry, we take several steps by following the following instructions:
1) On the Start menu, right-click to call up the menu and select “Run” in it

2) In the window that appears, type the command regedit and “OK”

⦁ In the register editor, specify the path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender

In order to make changes, you will need to change the name of the folder owner, which is “System” by default. To this end, we perform:
4) By right-clicking on the Windows Defender folder, select “Permissions”

5) Now click “Advanced” in the window “Permissions for Windows Defender”

6) Near the name “Owner” “System” click “Change”

7) To make changes in the “Advanced settings for Windows Defender” window, click “Advanced”

8) To select an administrator account (administrators group), click “Find Now”

9) To confirm the desired changes, click “OK”, and in the next window that appears, also “OK”

10) Check the box “Replace the owner of subcontainers and objects”

11) Next, at the bottom next to “Replace all allowed records of a child object with records of allowed ones inherited from this object” we also check the box

12) Click “Apply” and in the window that appears with a security warning, click “OK”

13) Click “OK” again and the advanced security settings window will close

14) At this stage, set “Permissions for everyone” in the “Permissions for Windows Defender” window

15) Next to set full control to “Allow”, also check the box

16) Next, the standard “Apply” and “OK”, than we confirm the changes

After the done actions, go to the registry:

1) In the registry editor, in the “Windows Defender” branch, create 3 values ​​for DWORD (32-bit). To do this, click on the right mouse button in any empty space in the right pane of the window, find “New” and select the option “DWORD value (32-bit)”

Specify the desired new values:
a) Disable antivirus
b) Disable anti-spyware
c) Service Start States

2) On each value, press the right mouse button and select “Change”, in the data field we write the value 1 and confirm each time – “OK”

It remains only to close the registry editor and restart the computer. After a fresh boot, Defender in Windows 11 will be disabled!