Today, a huge number of modern people still use the Windows XP operating system on their computers and laptops. Because of this, they often face all sorts of difficulties. For example, Windows XP is currently not supported or updated, and updated applications and utilities may not work properly on this operating system. Therefore, it is quite reasonable that quite a few users want to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade automatically to Windows 10 from Windows XP. To do this, you will need to initially install Windows 7, which is very inconvenient and will cause a lot of problems. Therefore, the best solution to the problem is to install the full version of Windows 10 on your hard drive. Of course, before that, you need to make sure that the resource capabilities of your computer or laptop meet the minimum system requirements of Windows 10:

Since the installation of Windows 10 is accompanied by defragmentation of the hard drive on which the operating system is installed, before such a responsible operation, it is necessary to copy and save all important data in order not to lose them in the end.

In the variant, if the system requirements of Windows 10 are met, then all that remains is to download the official version (recommended) of the operating system and install it using the prompts. In order to use all the functionality of the modern Windows 10 operating system, you must purchase a license. In addition, you can upgrade from Windows 10 to the new Windows 11 for free!