In fact, it is not at all a discovery that before installing an operating system, it is necessary that its system requirements meet the resource capabilities of a computer or laptop, otherwise serious problems may arise. How to find out the system requirements of the Windows 10 operating system of a particular modification? In fact, since this is extremely important information, it is best to learn it from official sources.

In turn, it is quite possible to find out the resource capabilities of an existing computer or laptop in several ways. So, for example, if this is a new computer that was bought in a store, then the requested data will be in the documents. In the event that a computer with some version already in use is planned to be upgraded to Windows 10, information is always available in the “About the system” section.

We highlight that in a situation where, for some reason, a computer or laptop is not suitable for installing Windows 10, you do not need to be upset, since in most cases you can upgrade. Of course, if for some reason you are not confident in your own abilities, then it is best to seek help from competent specialists.